Land conservation

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Nöge combines eco-tourism with nature conservation

Nöge is proud to be amongst the first to offer an authentic experience in the heart the Quebec boreal forest, while being committed to an ambitious nature conservation program. Combining the unique experience of Nöge with a commitment from the protection is much more than building rental cabins!

Protected natural environment

Nöge has a nature conservation program, which aims to protect 80% of acquired land from any recreational or tourist activity. This ambitious endeavour is made possible by using 20% of the land for high-quality, well thought out recreational and tourist activities. With this approach, Nöge commits to and engages its guests and partners in the protection of nature.

A limited footprint

Limiting the activity to 20% of the land would be meaningless if this footprint were not itself limited. This is why Nöge has designed its facilities with a focus on high-quality and local materials. The same applies to the activities offered: the facilities in nature are professionally designed, take into account the ecosystem and use neutral materials. This is how Nöge blends in with its environment to allow total immersion in the heart of nature.

Nature is vital to us

It is this conviction that Nöge wishes to share with its guests, by encouraging wonder, by allowing every person to reconnect with nature, but also by providing information and raising awareness. This is why Nöge surrounds itself with professionals to design ethical tours in the middle of nature because it is through awareness, reconnection and wonder that we will recognize how vital nature is to us.